Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saran Singh Book sold for RM1500

An original 2nd edition of The Encyclopedia of The coins of Malaysia Singapore and Brunei 1400-1967 Book by Saran Singh sold for a record price RM1500 in MNS Auction, make it into the list of the most expensive Malaysia Numismatic book sold in Auction. The complimentary copy given to Malaysia Numismatic Society by the Publisher is in Mint condition, only the white paper inside the hard cover have a brown toning.

saran singh book

The book bidded by Sifu Dickson Niew and a collector all the way from Bidor, Perak. Dickson Niew bid the book on behalf of another known Malaysian Numismatic blogger, Mykoleksi. When I interviewed them, both of them told me that they want to get an original copy of the book for their own collection. Mykoleksi told me that he has been searching for the book since 2005 and he cannot find anyone who want to sell the original copy to him. Dickson Niew has promised him that he will help him to get Master Sifu Saran Singh autograph for the book.

According to Master Sifu Tan Tai Seng, only 850 copies of the book is printed by International Stamps & coins Sdn Bhd, they are supposed to print 1000 copies. The book become a rare item when international numismatist around the world are also looking for the book for reference. You can find almost a complete list of Malay Sultanate Coinage and Colonial coinage (they're new varieties found by metal detector group) with a comprehensive studies about the coins.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find this book online or in Flea Market. I bought my copy from KN Book in 2006 (I am not sure but I knew they keep a copy of my receipt and purchases, maybe will asked them next time), the price is just only RM210. Thanks for information from another blogger, Malaya Straits Banknotes. He knew that I am looking for the book and called me straight away when he saw them in KN Boon Shop.

I know they're softcopy of the Saran Singh book in pdf format online but owning an original copy of the book is a must for a hardcore collector.

I will post the result about other items in the MNS 160 auction later tonight.