Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stupid collector want to be popular

For the past few days, we can see a lot of news related to coin collecting by Malaysian newspaper. It is a good thing for Malaysia Numismatic but do the reporters story are true? Do the coins that some of the "collectors" display really can sell for RM16 million? Do the "Vtraque Vnum" coins that they display in the news are original coins? Its a little bit funny that they knew the value of the coin can go to RM16 million in United States but they don't try to sell it.., what a joke. Is the "collectors" who put the 16 million price tag or is it the reporter who just want to make their story more interesting? This kind of wrong information make non-collectors think that coin collecting can get you million of ringgit. They're many "stupid" sellers in who keep on advertising their coins for a ridiculous price. Now look like they're "stupid collectors" who are eagerly want to share their collection in the local news without realizing the news make them look bad. They maybe gain some popularity between their friends and family but collectors who have some knowledge about numismatic will be laughing reading the news. If you don't understand, I already mention about these in my blog; Betulkkah duit syiling lama bernilai tinggi?

vtraque vnum
Fake vtraque vnum coin

Why do I called them stupid? Because they don't have any knowledge about numismatic and eagerly want to show their face in local newspaper. They don't realize the reporters are using them for some stupid story about numismatic. Most of the story that the reporter share came with a little bit fantasy in it not what really happen in numismatic. You cannot simply look at other coins that look the same and compare it with your coins that are older than what other people sell in auction. For example, everyone knew that one piece 10 sen 1971 can get you around RM300 for Brilliant Uncirculated condition. You cannot assume that your circulated 10 sen 1967 can sell for RM400 just because the coin is 45 years old and it is older then 10 sen 1971. You need to learn why collectors are willing to pay high price for that 10 sen 1971. Both of the coin has the same face value but what make the 10 sen 1971 so special? What is the different from your circulated coins and uncirculated coins? If you still don't know, you can read it in my post; 10 sen 1971 story.

I don't envy others to be popular, show their face printed on local newspaper. I don't like to be popular. They're some reporters in the past who contact me before but I don't want to reply them. I have my own personal reasons. I am not an expert in numismatic as what I had been stated in this blog since I start lunaticg.blogspot in 2009. If you're reporter and want to asked anything about numismatic, you can always contact sifu Dickson Niew. I do think he is willing to help you but please make an appointment with him. You need to understand, you cannot learn numismatic talking via phone in a few minutes. You need to look at the actual coins and learn the explanation from the expert.

My advice to any collectors who want to show their collection in the local news, please talk what you really understand and only show your original coins. Yeah.., it is good to get some instant publicity once in a while but make sure it don't cost your credibility. If you really want to share that fake coins, at least tell people that it is fake. Educate them why that coin is fake and how to detect original coins. Don't just join the race for stardom, EDUCATE! Learn from mistake, please don't keep on doing the same mistake.