Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coin collecting a very expensive hobby?

I suppose to write about the BNM Online shop petition today but a comment by my fellow blogger, get my attention; "coin collecting a very expensive hobby?" In my opinion, it depends on what you collect. Sometime, you don't need to waste a single cent from your pocket, just keep that 1 sen in a safe place and wait for 40 years. As you can see in this picture, you can easily sell this coin for RM50 now. In 1968, this coin maybe worth RM1 for collector. At that time, you maybe think all this collectors are crazy buying this 1 sen denomination coin at a very high price. You will not think like that today, would you?

Coin collecting

You can also start teaching your kids to collect coins for a very small budget, let say RM50 a month. Collecting coins doesn't means you need to buy what other collectors are buying. Try looking at the world circulation coins that you can get with that RM50. Maybe you can start with a one cent/penny coins. You can still get those coins for RM1-RM5 a piece. You can bring your kids hunting for coins in the weekends. If you don't know where you can find a coins in Malaysia, you can read this; where to find coins in Malaysia. Make sure you already bought coin holder and coin album for your kids. For other kids project, you can read my old posts about them here:
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Faces on coins

Coin collecting will be expensive if you start to collect rare and error coins but you still can collect them if you get a proper knowledge about error and rare Malaysia coins. For more knowledge about Malaysia error and rare coins, you can go to sifu Dickson blog; Niewmismatic error coins. He is one of Malaysia error coins expert and already wrote over 100 articles about Malaysia error coins. Study what he wrote in his blog and start looking at any Malaysia coins that you can find. Some rare error coins can go up to hundreds ringgit and it don't cost you anything. You maybe have error and rare Malaysia coins right now without realizing it.

You can also collecting coins according to their years, it will only cost you face value of the coins. Just make sure, they're some years Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) don't produce or mint coins. You can find out more about Malaysia coins issue at; No issue Malaysia coins. Just look for the best looking coins you can find and put it in coin album. You maybe need to buy coin holder and coin album to make sure your coins keep on shining in the future.

They're many way you can start collecting but most non collector will not realize that. Whatever coins you want to collect, it will be a rewarding hobby. You just need to be patient and take care your coins. You don't need to clean them to make it shiny and beautiful. For my non collector friends out there, will you still consider coin collecting as an expensive hobby?