Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Counterfeiters make perfect euro coins

Apparently, not only Malaysia rare coins are being counterfeit by Chinese forgers, a bi-metalic coins such as the £2 and euro are also under threat from China-based forgers. The quality of the coins suggested that the gang is producing imitations of near perfect £2 and euro coins.

perfect euro coins

One forgery investigator told The Times: “Counterfeit coins are not of great interest to most jurisdictions, and certainly not on any list of priorities.”

“Many types of counterfeit goods follow this route, China to Italy for further distribution, and it seems an entirely feasible enterprise.”

A spokesman for the Royal Mint stressed that forgeries of £2 coins are not yet though to be commonplace.

"A bi-colour coin is much harder to counterfeit because replicating the two metal components, the inner and outer, is significantly more difficult than a single component coin. Forgers would also require a highly sophisticated press to produce bi-colour coins," said the spokesman.

"The coin detector mechanism of vending machines and self-service check-outs can detect the two different metal components, in addition to the conductivity, thickness and diameter of the coin."

"The addition of edge lettering is also very hard to counterfeit, and some circulating £2 coin designs also include a latent feature in their elements which is difficult to replicate."

The recent report about the major seizure of €556,000 fake euro coins in Italy has raised fears that Britain's £2 could be in the forger's sights.

According to Palermo prosecutor Calogero Ferrara, The 2-euro coins are "a perfect product" that cannot be distinguished from an authentic coin with the naked eye. The 2-euro coins would even have worked in vending machines, he said, adding that the investigation is continuing. police arrested 12 people, including four Chinese nationals, for conspiracy to produce and distribute counterfeit money.

Source: The Telegraph

The recent rumour about fake 10 sen 1971 in the market might be really happening and more high value Malaysia coins will be the next target by the culprit until those concerned take action against them. I can only advise to all, please beware with seller who sell their coins at a very low prices.