Saturday, December 7, 2013

20 ducat gold coin sold for USD324,238

On 6 December 2013, a 1610 Saxon 20 ducat Prince-Elector Christian II gold coin sold for 6.5 million Czech Republic Koruna (USD324,238) excluding buyer premium and charges. The very rare and well preserved gold coin has broken the record for the Most Expensive Czech Republic coin. The old record belong to a Russian rouble of Empress Anna, from 1730, which was sold for 5.5 million Czech Republic Koruna, including the auction surcharge.

Elector Christian II

The Prince-Elector Christian II gold coin auction by Aurea Numismatika auction in their 52 auction: Coins, Medal, Paper Money, Decoration.

Today's auction offered an exceptional collection of mainly Ducate coins.

"Above all, I must mention the two 10 Ducates of the [Czech early 17th-century] 'Winter King' Friedrich of Westphalia and of the Duke of Wallenstein, sold for 4.05 and 2.6 million Kč, respectively. The last coin that was sold for a million crowns today was the very rare Prague tolar of [Habsburg Emperor and King of Bohemia] Ferdinand II from 1630," Vesely said.

He said many other coins were auctioned for hundreds of thousands of crowns apiece.

On Dec. 8, Auera Numismatica will offer an auction of a unique collection of Russian banknotes from the Czarist Russia.

"Record sales can be expected again in view of the quality of the collection which is unparalleled with all what has appeared at world auctions so far," Veselý said.