Friday, February 1, 2013

RIP Tony Lye Fong Nge

May you rest in peace (RIP) Tony Lye Fong Nge.

Tony Lye
Founder,Vice President,PNM Numismatic Society Malaysia.

Yesterday, on 31st January 2013, we lost another Malaysia famous numismatist, Tony Lye Fong Nge who has departed. Malaysia numismatic lost another great mentor, collector and "Pakar Numismatik", It is a sad day to everyone.

When I received the information from Sifu Dickson Niew via sms, I don't reply him. I usually don't know what to say or how to act at times like these.

Tony Lye Fong Nge was born in Mallaca in 1939. He quit his job as Chinese interpreter in 1978 and started to become a coin dealer in the same year. He is one of the founder of Malaysia Numismatic Society in 1968  and the only one left in the society. He has been awarded a "Man of achievement" by international Biographic Centre, Cambridge, England in 1980. He also one of the 1st seven member that been awarded "Pakar Numismatic Malaysia" by Malaysia Numismatic Society in 1989. He also one of the contributor for Krause Publication catalog. With so many achievement at hand, he is a respectful person in Malaysia Numismatic.

I meet and chat with him few times before and meet him on June 2009 for an autograph for his book The Collection of Mallaca Coinage. He is one of the few dealers that I regularly meet when I start blogging.

Condolence to his family for their loss.